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Women and Youth Innovation Forum

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
The Women and Youth Empowerment Forum is a private, independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 2013 by a group of women and youth who believe in issues of supporting women and youth in society according to a valuable vision supporting the programs of democratic transition and development and achieving peace and stability in Libyan society.

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Logo ACDD Gabès

Association Citizenship and Sustainable Development

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Tunisia - Gabès
The Association Citizenship and Sustainable Development Gabes (ACDD) is a non-profit organization created in November 2012 by a group of experimented activists.

The objectives of ACDD are:

- support and implementation of actions and projects for sustainable and inclusive development, mainly in rural and vulnerable areas (oases, mountains, arid zones, etc.).
- promotion of civic culture as a guarantee of local governance and human values.
- Exchange and replication of experiences in Tunisia and around the world and membership in networks of similar associations.

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Logo Pionniers du changement

Pioneers of Change for Development and culture

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Morocco - Oujda
The association Pioneers of change for development and culture PCDC-Oujda is a Moroccan non-profit association. It was founded in October 2014 in Oujda and is located Boulevard Abderahman Mokhtarie number 51 al boustane 3 Oujda, in the north-east of Morocco, in the administrative region of Oriental.

To carry out its actions, the association establishes alliances and builds diversified partnerships, at the national and international level, with governmental and non-governmental actors.

The association generally intervenes in 4 areas :
- immigration
- culture
- human rights
- professional training

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Logo Association Jeunes Leaders

Association Jeunes Leaders

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Tunisia - Monastir
Association Jeunes Leaders (AJL) is a Tunisian youth organization and a regional development actor.

Based in the coastal city of Monastir and active since March 2012, the Association Jeunes Leaders contributes to the economic integration of young people and women through entrepreneurship and sustainable employability.

Our vision is to become a force of youth in Tunisia and in Africa by creating a generation of Young Leaders, who will be vectors of change and financially independent.

Our mission is to strengthen the managerial, organizational and operational capacities of young people by facilitating their socio-economic integration and promoting the mentality of self-employment.

Since 2012, the Association Jeunes Leaders in Monastir (AJL) has managed more than 12 projects with 15 public and private organizations, and has involved more than 5,000 young people and stakeholders in its activities.

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Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Tunisia - Korba
ATPNE Korba is a local association created by the late Bel Kacem Hadded in 1992 as a section of the Tunisian Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment of Tunis. In March 2012, the association obtained its visa. Its main objective is to contribute to the protection of nature and the environment in Cap Bon and mainly in the Korba region. We work in the following areas:
- raising awareness around and popularization of environmental concepts;
- development of an eco-citizen spirit among schoolchildren and the local population;
- contribution to the protection of the ecosystems, the natural heritage and the biodiversity of the region;
- development of the entrepreneurial spirit and the creation of green projects, monitoring and training for the success of these projects.

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The Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ)

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Palestine - Jerusalem
Founded in 1990, the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ) / Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the occupied Palestinian territory and the self-reliance of the Palestinian people through greater control over their natural resources. ARIJ works specifically to augment the local stock of scientific and technical knowledge and to introduce and devise more efficient methods of resource utilization and conservation, improved practices, and appropriate technology.

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