The Safir Project

Safir is an ambitious project supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the socio-economic inclusion of young people in 9 countries across North Africa and the Middle East.

Supported financially by the European union, it aims to create an environment that fosters the civil participation of young people. The project is based on three pillars : supporting more than 1000 young project leaders; the structuring and development of a regional network of supporters; and the creation of spaces for dialogue between young people and the public authorities.

Supporting youth in action

Over half of the 7.5 billion inhabitants of the planet are under the age of 30. This proportion rises to 60% in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East. Throughout the world, this generation aspires to a new model of society and a more inclusive, fairer and more sustainable society and gouvernance.

By supporting their projects, Safir gives to1000 young people the means to act in favor of the sustainable development goals and to fully play their role as actors of change. It promotes their integration into the social and economic life of the community and focuses on the development of their projects.

Safir offers to applicants training and/or support sessions at the various stages of development of their entrepreneurial, media or associative project, thanks to the support of a network of local incubators known for their expertise. Grants will be awarded to the most ambitious and developed projects.

In order to give young people the means to be heard, civil society organisations in the region, chosen for their excellence and their complementarity, will offer over 600 young people advocacy training for the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

The beneficiary young people will be given opportunity to defend their projects, their visions and their ambitions in national, regional and international discussion spaces. The networking dynamics developed by Safir allows them to make a difference on a regional level, by participating fully in decision-making processes. 

A project at the service of the entire ecosystem of support structures

As part of its long-term commitment, Safir strives to create an environment conducive to development of sustainable and economically viable projects. To this end, it provides higher education institutions, local incubators and civil society organisations the means to assist young people supported by the Safir project in the region in their quest for excellence

Beyond the duration of the project, Safir's goal is to structure an ecosystem that favors the development of projects with social, cultural or environmental impact, and to showcase, on an international level, future talent ant initiatives in the region. 

The Safir project is :

Civil society organisations supported to strengthen their advocacy training methodologies


creations / consolidations of innovative spaces in higher education and research institutions


local networked incubators, which contribute to the creation of a regional guide to innovative and social entrepreneurship


Young project leaders supported from 9 countries across North Africa and the Middle East