A look back at the Safir regional meeting, organised by Lab'ess from 02 to 05 May.

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Regional meeting in Tunis
Lab'ess, a Tunisian incubator and member of the Safir consortium, organised a regional Safir meeting in Tunis from 02 to 05 May.

From 02 to 05 May, Lab'ess organised a Safir regional meeting, bringing together 5 Safir network incubators, young entrepreneurs accelerated as part of this project, and members of the project consortium to organise the 2023 Steering Committee.

This Safir regional meeting provided an opportunity to draw up a report of the activities carried out under the project, and to consolidate the links between the incubator members of the Safir network..

These days were the occasion for a regional meeting which brought together incubators from the Safir network in the MENA region, in order to deepen their relationships and think about the durability of this network once the "Safir project" is over.

In collaboration with the Al Badil cultural incubator, Lab'ess also organised an evening on the theme of Safir youth in Tunisia. The aim of the evening was to discover the young entrepreneurs supported in Tunisia by Al Badil and financed under Safir, and also to meet the Tunisian members of this regional network (young leaders, universities, civil society organisations).