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Logo Bothorana

Bothorana for Training and Capacity Building

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Bothorona for Training and capacity Building in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan implements national programs and projects to improve living conditions and foster socio- economic development among vulnerable groups of the society. Our mission is to provide individuals and local institutions with the knowledge, leadership and life skills they need to actively shape together the political, social and economic context in which they live.

We achieve this by providing local communities (with a focus on youth, women, and refugees) with training opportunities that are designed according to local needs, and by implementing cooperative projects between public services, private sector and the civil society. Bothorana is active in different areas in Jordan: in cities and the countryside, as well as in poor areas in the northern Badia of Jordan. This way, actors of civil society can work together to foster resilience and better living conditions among their communities.

Project(s) supported by this organisation:

Logo Phenix center

Phenix Center for Economic and Informatic Studies

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Jordan - Amman
Phenix Center is an NGO working to promote sustainable and inclusive development in Jordan, rooted in human rights and principles of democratic governance. The Center focuses on decent work and social protection, while crosscutting themes for all projects include youth empowerment and gender equality, and other vulnerable groups, such as persons with disabilities, migrants and refugees. Phenix works on three main actions:

Research - producing independent policy research on current and emerging issues in the economic, social and legislative environment in Jordan, developing research, studies and policy papers;
Capacity building - empowering civil society’s actors, especially CSOs and trade unions, to take part in steering development through capacity building;
Advocacy - conducting campaigns (including videos, social media messages, local dialogues, national forums, etc.) in order to amplify civil society’s voice, and to foster dialogue and inclusion in promoting sustainable development.

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Jordan Youth Innovation Forum

Jordan - Amman
Founded in 2006, Jordan Youth Innovation Forum in a Jordanian NGO for young Jordanian residents (13 to 30 years old). Its main aims are to : empower young people through access to leadership opportunities ; strengthen social inclusion and commitment through the organization of recreational activities ; build youths’ capacities ; finally, it aims to promote social inclusion and development, in particular by supporting young people wishing to launch their own startups.

Project(s) supported by this organisation: