Madiha Ragouby - Feedback on Safir advocacy training

Madiha Ragouby
Meeting with Madiba Ragouby, a participant of Safir advocacy training in Morocco, with Espace Associatif.

"Safir allowed me for the first time to really dive into the world of advocacy and SDG goals."

Not only did I truly enjoy the experience, but it was incredibly formative for me and it is still. I believe that a program like this should be a requirement rather than an option, because it changes lives and perspectives.

From attending workshops, to intense discussions, sharing ideas, thinking about solutions to various issues, to presenting our projects, this program has taught me a lot about the world we’re living in and what we are capable of as youth.
It allows us to express what type of life and future they’re picturing, and gives us the necessary tools to create it. Our voices were heard and listened to ; we were able to take knowledge we already had and put it into something positive. Even though it seemed like a lot of work, I had to amount of fun and it sincerely empowered me. It made me feel much better about myself and the future of the world.
This is the most profitable training I’ve participated in. The learning experience required to be part of the solution with a lot of commitment, the worthiness of the project was to create a group of youth who are willing to raise awareness and be part of change.

"It was not an individual journey ; this was a united work that was being portrayed in a semi-family type of training."

Before I came to this training, I must say I knew very little about Sustainable Development Goals. After the 4 months training with Espace Associatif NGO, I feel very confident and I now have enough knowledge to move to the next level. It was a very rich experience and I look forward to putting the skills I've learned to good use making a difference in my community and the world.
Sustainable development is the purest form of love, it is the epitome of altruism by utilizing the current resources without compromising future generations' needs and wants, for the development of the economy and the survival of the entire community, for an advanced arab countries, let’s think of a better tomorrow.