Mara and Yara Mahfouz

Sustainable Development Goals Advocacy
Mara and Yara

Looking at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 2030, one would notice the amount of challenges and uncertainties the planet and mankind are facing. While all SDGs are equally important, there is a growing need for collective work, cooperation and partnerships to achieve the goals of 2030.

This is where SAFIR Advocacy program steps in. Being an advocate for causes and SDGs you care about is positively reflected not only on your journey, but also on your community's engagement in social work and social responsibility.

The first step has been diving deep into the SDGs. All organizations, including the one we were assigned to - "Mouvement Social" - helped achieving this target smoothly and efficiently. While the road towards achieving the SDGs by 2030 is quite challenging, giving up has never been an option. Climate change, poverty, and hunger won't suffice by chance; society won't improve without adequate interventions in education and implementation of equal rights; sustainability and renewable energy resources are no longer luxury. One cannot implement change alone; we need more communication, more effective partnerships, and more goodness in this world.

Maya & Yara Mahfouz
Researchers & PhD Candidates in Nutritional Sciences