Hasnaa Jaghar

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Sustainable Development Goals
Hasnaa Jaghar

As a young SRHR advocate, with almost more than 7 years working on the field with NGOs and youth network promoting sexual and reproductive health in Morocco, I’ve never had a chance an opportunity to be trained on how to advocate for this cause, how to run a successful advocating campaign or what is the history of advocating in Morocco…

I was lucky to learn from the field and from all the experiences that I had working with Y-PEEER Morocco and UNFPA. Thus, after completing the first phase of SAFIR training through “Espace Associatif” on SDGs and advocacy, I was able to understand more the importance of advocacy and it’s role in shaping and influencing public policies. This training helped me also learn more about SDGs and their implementation at the grassroots, local, national and international level. I am very fortunate that I had a chance to participate in this training, I exchanged with participants who worked in both private and public sectors and this allowed me to learn more about the efforts of both of these sectors when it comes to the implementation of the SDGs. I believe that this training changed my perspective about the strategy that our country is taking when it comes to being more sustainable and also acknowledging that no impact can be done without the implication of activists, civil society, government and most importantly youth because they are the future.

Many thanks to Safir and Espace associatif for taking the initiative to educate us “youth” on the importance of SDGS and how we can achieve them efficiently through advocacy campaigns. I strongly believe that awareness and education come first before action and thanks to this training, we are fully equipped now to serve our community in the best way possible and sustain it for future generations.

Thank you Safir !