Saud Al Jbour

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Sustainable Development Goals
Saud Al Jbour

I have always believed that we should strive to follow our interests because by doing so we will excel in our academic, professional and personal lives.Furthermore, it could lead us to make a big impact on our society and possibly the entire world.

Actually, while I was searching for a Sustainable Development Advocacy training program, I came across the SAFIR-EU website and I have seen a project that is impressive, which I found relevant to my interests. Where both the SAFIR-EU training program & the materials of ANND's School on the Thinkific platform are essential steps along the way to a full understanding of the 2030 sustainable development agenda as well as the effective planning of advocacy campaigns.

I would like to share my feedback on the first phase of the SAFIR EU project by the Phenix Center for Economic & Informatics Studies over the last four months. The program focused on discussing critical global-local issues such as clean energy, education for development, social-economic development, social protection, the 17 sustainable development goals in detail, and the effective design and planning of advocacy campaigns. The training was completely different and well-organized. I was particularly impressed with the materials presented. Moreover, the opportunity to interact with colleagues from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds contributed effectively to building a strong network of collaborations. This type of interaction was crucially important for the integration of diverse ideas and perspectives pertaining to diverse global-local issues, and the discussions were truly inspiring. Actually, I have attended several pieces of training previously, so I can conclude that the training instructors have done a great job and I appreciate their efforts.

Last but not least, acquiring knowledge in SDGs Advocacy impacted my skills positively. In fact, almost all the sustainable development goals are interrelated and one cannot be overlooked. However, the national priorities for achieving SDGs impose work on it in somewhat separate groups.