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Logo GEN

Global Entrepreneurship Network Association

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
The Global Entrepreneurship Network Association is a non-profit association working for the promotion of entrepreneurship.
It is interconnected to a global network, the global entrepreneurship network (GEN), which today brings together more than 170 countries. The Global Entrepreneurial Network Association brings to its partners and members a significant number of opportunities. It is commited to promoting an entrepreneurial culture and to contribute to the strengthening of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It also intends to be a space for incubation, acceleration, networking and the development of business partnerships.

Help budding entrepreneurs develop their ideas and transform them into startups that thrive, accelerate innovation and create jobs
Participate in the establishment of an effective entrepreneurial network
Contribute to strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem and build lasting links between its stakeholders

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Logo Université Abderrahmane Mira

Abderrahmane Mira University - Bejaïa

Algeria - Bejaïa
The University of Bejaia was created in 1983 as a National Institute of Higher Education then promoted to a University Center in 1992 and finally to be erected into a University in 1998.

Beyond its mission to ensure quality education for its students, the University of Bejaia works to train responsible citizens who are concerned about the environmental, social and ethical consequences of their actions and decisions.

The Bejaia University incubator opens up support, integrating sustainable development approaches, to innovative, profitable and sustainable projects. These projects are supported for the creation of an economic and social startup. In addition to the support service, the incubator welcomes incubates within its structure, by providing them with a workspace - office services - and a research space - prototyping services.

The diversity of the projects of the Bejaia university incubator involves a transversality of the profiles of the beneficiaries, in particular:

● students, teachers or ATS who seek to launch and develop a new innovative product or service by integrating a reflection of sustainable development;
● entrepreneurs or companies wishing to develop a new product or service on the basis of sustainable development thinking integrated into their design and implementation;
● associations and communities wishing to meet a local need by setting up a program combining the skills of the incubator and local partners.

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The Algerian Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Algeria - Alger
The Algerian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship was created in 2016 to promote social entrepreneurship, support Algerian social entrepreneurs in the creation, development and the sustainability of their businesses.

ACSE is a pioneer in social entrepreneurship supporting innovative solutions to social and environmental problems in our country.

To this end, ACSE launched in 2018 the first Algerian incubator of social entrepreneurism, enabling young social entrepreneurs to act positively in favour of their country by giving life to projects with social impact.

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Logo HDN

Human Development Network

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Algeria - Alger
HDN is an independent consulting, communication and training office, whose core businesses are the services to the companies, the representation of NGOs, sustainable development projects management and promotion of youth entrepreneurship.

The organisation was established in late 2013 and its main objective is to support human development programs and actors in Algeria through capacity-building and sectoral analysis issues.

Thanks to its international network of field experts animated by the values of innovation, quality, integrity and performance; HDN offers a diverse range of services that cover a wide spectrum of needs for training / coaching, conducting studies and organizing scientific meetings and various events.

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Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis de Mostaganem

Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University - Mostaganem

Algeria - Mostaganem
Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University - Mostaganem - Algeria (UMAB) is a public higher education establishment founded in 1978. It is located in the town of Mostaganem which is in the north-west of Algeria 363 km from the capital Alger.

UMAB has contributed a lot to the old intellectual elite for all regions of Algeria. Its strategic geographical location and its training offers have increased its attractiveness, it currently has more than 28,900 students.

Open to its socio-economic world, with its 40 years of existence, UMAB has never ceased to take up scientific and societal challenges. It regularly links its training offers and research activities to the expectations of its environment.

In 2021, the UMAB is a multidisciplinary university establishment which offers 68 training offers in License (first cycle) and 127 options of Master (second cycle), it is composed of 9 faculties, an institute of sports and physical education and 41 research laboratories which are spread over 7 campuses.

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