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Logo Nahnoo


Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Lebanon - Beyrouth
NAHNOO is a research and advocacy platform for participatory policymaking, working towards an inclusive society in Lebanon. The NGO has been established as a non-profit since 2013 but initially started off as a student-run club at the Lebanese Public University in 2003, bringing together a diverse group of students around community-based, cultural events. Today NAHNOO rallies volunteers across Lebanon and through multidisciplinary and participatory research, capacity-building workshops, and grassroots activities, we provide a platform for youth and professionals to lead the planning and implementation of advocacy campaigns and gain the skills needed to impact policy-making at the local and national levels.

NAHNOO, which means “us” or “we” in Arabic, works through three areas of intervention that revolve around the city: public space, cultural heritage, and good governance. These axes address how the city is organized, the soul of a city, and how it is run respectively.
At the heart of NAHNOO is a dedicated team of youth volunteers whose passion for change-making drives the NGO’s advocacy projects. Additionally, what sets it apart is its innovative and methodical approach, taking research, whether quantitative or qualitative, as a key pillar in all advocacy campaigns. This strategic vision has made NAHNOO a key reference point for advocacy in the country and regionally.

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Logo Lebanon Support

Lebanon Support

Lebanon - Beyrouth

Founded in 2006, the Lebanese NGO Lebanon Support is a multidisciplinary space promoting changes by establishing synergies between researchers, experts, professionals and activists.

The activities of Lebanon support are divided between 3 programs:

The Civil Society Knowledge Center promotes changes through an innovative use of social sciences, digital technologies, publication and the exchange of experience.

Daleel Madani build bridges between civil society, research, expertise and strengthen their overall coordination.

The Civil Society Incubator support civil society organisations through tailor-made support.

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Logo Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth

Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth

Lebanon - Beyrouth
Saint Joseph University (USJ) is a private French-speaking university founded in 1875. It has around 12000 students spread over 5 campuses (Medicine, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Innovation and Sport) in Beirut area as well as regional university centers that are located in the cities of Saïda, Tripoli and Zahlé.

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Logo UIL

Université Islamique du Liban

Lebanon - Khaldeh
Islamic University of Lebanon (IUL) is a nonprofit private institution who was established with the dual aim of promoting the culture of higher education to the most deprived and disadvantaged members of the society and providing enhanced proximity and collaborative innovation to meet the future demands thereof.
IUL is located in Khaldeh and three other branches, in Wardanieh, Tyre and Baalbek - Lebanon.
At IUL, there are nine Faculties : Engineering, Economics&Business Administration, Nursing&Health Sciences, Sciences&Arts, Law, Political Administrative&Diplomatic Sciences, Islamic Studies, Letters&Human Sciences, Tourism Sciences.
IUL is today under the slogan “A University for all country citizens and the Arab world”.

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The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering (RDFL)

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Lebanon - Beyrouth
The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering (RDFL) is a feminist, secular, non-governmental organization advocating for and raising awareness about the rights of women and girls in Lebanon. Founded in 1976, the RDFL is one of the oldest feminist organizations, one based on volunteerism.

RDFL’s vision is to achieve equality between women and men in all spheres, and to provide protection from gender-based violence.

RDFL’s mission is to work on and advocate for the elimination of gender-based violence and all forms of discrimination, and to achieve full citizenship for women through a widespread and empowered membership and in collaboration with civil society.

RDFL’s values:
• Feminism
• Secularism
• Democracy
• Transparency
• Rejection of all forms of discrimination and racism
• Equality

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Logo Mouvement Social

Social Mouvement

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Lebanon - Beyrouth
Founded in1961, Mouvement Social is a non-confessionnal, non-partisan, and non-charitable association. Mouvement Social has centers widely spread all over the Lebanese territory close to the most disadvantaged people.

Mouvement Social is at the service of human beings, every human being and all of the human being. It aims to build a fair and humane society, to improve the citizenship and autonomy of the underprivileged through socio-economic development projects, and to implicate Lebanese youth in the improvement of their society. Mouvement Social works to build social support networks as well as to empower individuals to engage in the wider community. MS intervenes on behalf of its beneficiaries to improve their access to their rights; it also works to increase awareness of social issues and lobbies decision makers to promote policies that take into consideration the basic rights and needs of the population.

MS works hand in hand with other associations, international organizations, municipalities and the private sector whenever this collaboration serves its main goals.

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