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The Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ)

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Palestine - Jerusalem
Founded in 1990, the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ) / Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the occupied Palestinian territory and the self-reliance of the Palestinian people through greater control over their natural resources. ARIJ works specifically to augment the local stock of scientific and technical knowledge and to introduce and devise more efficient methods of resource utilization and conservation, improved practices, and appropriate technology.

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Agricultural Development Association (PARC)

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Palestine - Ramallah
PARC is a pioneer national developmental organization with a regional trend committed to rural and agricultural social justice and national liberation.

We are a national developmental organization that strives to develop the agricultural sector, strengthen the resilience of farmers, reach out to the poor and marginalized groups and their CBO’s, mobilize and develop the capabilities of rural people to enable them to control their resources, through the work of a distinguished professional teams and a loyal volunteers.
This has been accomplished through creative programs and transparent management and through technical practices to contribute to the establishment of a free and democratic Palestinian society with the values of social justice

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Logo Université nationale An-Najah

Université nationale An-Najah

Palestine - Naplouse
An-Najah National University (ANU) is a Palestinian non-governmental public university. It is located mainly in Nablus, in the northern region of the West Bank, Palestine. It’s considered the largest Palestinian university.

ANU has established a Business Innovation and Technology Hub (NGate) with the vision to become a central and integrated industry-based Business Innovation and Technology Hub that serves ANU researchers, students, youth, and the workforce at large. NGate has four main units, Training center, Competency unit, Business Incubator, and Corporate Partnership unit. NGate’s Business Incubator aims to promote a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, research commercialization, and stimulate the development and incubation of innovative ideas and projects in partnership with the workforce. It also aims to produce young innovative and skillful entrepreneurs who are problem solvers, decision makers and successful entrepreneurs.

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Palestine - Gaza
Founded in 2010, UCAS Technology Incubator (UCASTI) is a Palestinian NGO located in Gaza. UCAS Technology Incubator supports entrepreneurs who have creative and ambitious ideas by providing them with administrative, technical and financial support. The ultimate goal is for the supported startups to become successful businesses in their markets.

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Logo Shiam

Shiam - Youth Make the Future

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Palestine - Ramallah
Shiam - Youth Make the Future, is a Palestinian locally registered non-governmental, non-profit organization that aims to spread the principles of good citizenry, human values, gender equality and mainstreaming, democracy and good governance among Palestinian youth. Shiam organization was founded by Palestinian leading youth advocates, YLCs alumni, and non-partisan civic engagement activists. It was established to sustain the YLCs venture, scale-up and institutionalize its national presence, enhance coordination, networking and synergies between all YLCs, provide an advocacy platform for effective policy change, and build youth capacity through targeted trainings and practical engagement in their communities’ social, cultural and economic development.

Shiam Mission: to develop and support platforms and initiatives that promote youth social, economic, and civic effective engagement and leadership

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