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Logo ACDD Gabès

Association Citizenship and Sustainable Development

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Tunisia - Gabès
The Association Citizenship and Sustainable Development Gabes (ACDD) is a non-profit organization created in November 2012 by a group of experimented activists.

The objectives of ACDD are:

- support and implementation of actions and projects for sustainable and inclusive development, mainly in rural and vulnerable areas (oases, mountains, arid zones, etc.).
- promotion of civic culture as a guarantee of local governance and human values.
- Exchange and replication of experiences in Tunisia and around the world and membership in networks of similar associations.

Project(s) supported by this organisation:

Logo Association Jeunes Leaders

Association Jeunes Leaders

Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Tunisia - Monastir
Association Jeunes Leaders (AJL) is a Tunisian youth organization and a regional development actor.

Based in the coastal city of Monastir and active since March 2012, the Association Jeunes Leaders contributes to the economic integration of young people and women through entrepreneurship and sustainable employability.

Our vision is to become a force of youth in Tunisia and in Africa by creating a generation of Young Leaders, who will be vectors of change and financially independent.

Our mission is to strengthen the managerial, organizational and operational capacities of young people by facilitating their socio-economic integration and promoting the mentality of self-employment.

Since 2012, the Association Jeunes Leaders in Monastir (AJL) has managed more than 12 projects with 15 public and private organizations, and has involved more than 5,000 young people and stakeholders in its activities.

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Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Tunisia - Korba
ATPNE Korba is a local association created by the late Bel Kacem Hadded in 1992 as a section of the Tunisian Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment of Tunis. In March 2012, the association obtained its visa. Its main objective is to contribute to the protection of nature and the environment in Cap Bon and mainly in the Korba region. We work in the following areas:
- raising awareness around and popularization of environmental concepts;
- development of an eco-citizen spirit among schoolchildren and the local population;
- contribution to the protection of the ecosystems, the natural heritage and the biodiversity of the region;
- development of the entrepreneurial spirit and the creation of green projects, monitoring and training for the success of these projects.

Project(s) supported by this organisation:

Logo Al Badil

Al Badil

Tunisia - Tunis
“Al Badil – The Cultural Alternative” is a Tunisian NGO working toward the promotion and democratization of art and culture in Tunisia.

It was born out of desire to offer cultural and artistic alternatives to Tunisian audiences and artists, thus broadening the scope of cultural initiatives to all Tunisian governorates.

Our activities are centered on 4 main axes: artistic creation, artist management, creation of cultural events and training of young people.

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Logo Vélorution


Civil Society Organisation (CSO)
Tunisia - Tunis
The association « Vélorution Tunisie » aims to promote cycling as an alternative to the use of car in urban areas in Tunisia.
It seeks to increase the use of bicycles as a responsible and ecological mean of transportation that is also wary of public spaces.
Our overall objectives:
• To fight against the pollution of the air that is suffocating us and making us sick.
• To create an alternative to the soaring prices of gasoline that are a source of empoverishment.
• To improve public health by preventing chronic diseases resulting from our sedentary lifestyle.
Our strategy:
1 – To advocate toward public authorities to develop an urban equipment that is more suitable for the use of bicycles.
2 – To raise awareness among citizens about the benefits of cycling as an alternative to the use of cars and to share the necessary knowledge and skills to take to cycling.

Project(s) supported by this organisation:

Logo Université de Gabès

Université de Gabès

Tunisia - Gabès
Founded in 2003, the University of Gabès is a Tunisian public university located in Gabès, in the south-east of Tunisia. The university now has around 14,000 students spread over 3 campuses (Omar Ibn El Khattab campus, downtown campus, Medenine campus).

Originally more scientific and technological, the courses offered in Gabès are now multiple and include economics and management, human sciences, arts and crafts, IT and multimedia ...

The University of Gabès provides professional integration assistance and entrepreneurship promotion missions through a network of 13 career and skills certification centers. It is active in international cooperation: 60 conventions and framework agreements, 18 Tempus and Erasmus Mundus projects, 30 Erasmus Plus projects, 90 foreign students.

Project(s) supported by this organisation: